Sunken Treasure

Real Series Slots – Sunken Treasure

One reads stories of great Ships that sailed our Oceans, and Pirates who lay in wait to jump Ship and steel the Loot. Fights broke out, and alas, a host of these Ships and their Treasures were sunk. It was not until many years later that these Treasures and Ships lost at sea were once again found. Because Deep Sea Diving became a popular sport, Treasures were retrieved and brought back to shore. Today we are giving you the pleasure of going to whatever depth you choose, swim around with the Angel Fish, watch the Star Fish crawl along the Ocean bed, and retrieve your own Sunken Treasure in this brilliant new Video Slot game. An abundance of beauty and Treasure awaits you on this Sea bed, so don’t delay – play.

Where can we play Sunken Treasure?

The best casino for this slot game is SilverSands

Silver Sands


You can play Sunken Treasure at any of our Choice RTG Casinos

Sunken Treasure Slot from RTG

Scattered around the Seas, you only need two Ships in sight to give you a multiplier. Should you by chance sight three or more, you will start a chain of effects by activating the first feature. Before your eyes, you will have Treasure chests all over the sea bed. Choose which ones you would like opened, and see how many free games and/or how many multipliers you have been awarded. If you are lucky enough to open one of the chests that hold either Blue or Red Jewels, a second feature will be activated. The second feature pays out once the first feature is completed. Strike it rich with the Blue Jewels, and you will be awarded with 10 to 100 times the triggered bet. STRIKE it rich with the Red Jewels, and you can sit back and watch your credits rising by anything from 100 to 500 times your triggered bet. From time to time you will see the little Diver making an appearance on reels 2, 3 and 4, substituting for all symbols except the scatter.

Sunken Treasure Game Details

$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00
$25 000 in main game. Maximum payout of $200 000 is allowed. Because free spins and massive multipliers can be retriggered, any result is actually possible but is limited to a maximum of 40 000 times the line bet.
5000 Coins in main game. Unlimited coins in the free spins round because free spins and huge multipliers can be retriggered. Limited to a maximum payout of 40 000 times the line bet.
Yes – Random Progressive
Yes – the Diver
Yes – the Sunken Ship
Yes – Select a treasure chest feature with free games and multipliers. You also get a chance to pick Jewels which trigger multipliers of up to 500 times the original line bet

The payscreen

Sunken Treasure Payscreen

5000 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)
2500 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)
1000 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)
400 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)
300 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)
200 times line bet (including a wild symbol which doubles win)

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