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Best Casino Affiliate Programs

The following are, in our opinion, the best multi level, multi tiered affiliate programs available. Here are the only programs you need sign up to.

Affiliate Lounge Multi Affiliate Lounge offers an unlimited number of referral tiers. For every webmaster you refer to the Affiliate Lounge you receive 30% of the earnings they make. For every webmaster they refer, you’ll earn 30% of the 30% they earn.
Casino Coins 5 25% up to $15,000
30% $15,001 – $30,000
35% $30,000 and up
2% 1st Tier
1.5% 2nd Tier
1.0% 3rd Tier
0.75% 4th Tier
0.25% 5th Tier
Casino Blasters 2 No Loss Carry-Forwards
First month BLAST OFF with 50% of CASINO GROSS REVENUE
thereafter earn 36% of CASINO GROSS REVENUE
First Tier Direct Referrals: 10% Commission
Second Tier Referrals: 5% Commission
Casino Rewards 1 25% For the first $30,000
30% $30,001 and $40,000
35% $40,000 and above
5% Second Tier Income
Income Access 2 Up to 30% commission
Lasseters has two referral tiers – tier two earns you 5% in commissions and tier three 2%
Slotland 1 Unique program – up to 25% from Gross Deposits!
The only affiliate program where you profit just from Gross (total) deposits!
No reductions for winnings or chargebacks!
More profitable commission structure than net-revenue (i.e. deposits LESS withdrawals) programs.
2nd tier up to 5% of Gross deposits delivered by your webmasters.
Vegas Partner 1 Up to 35% commission for top affiliates
2% 2nd Tier Commissions
Wager Junction 1 30% – 35% share of the Net Casino Profit
2-Tier pays you 5% of the Net Casino Profit
Wager Profits 1 $0 – $27,500 30%
$27,501+ 35%

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