Nutty Squirrel

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The Nutty Squirrel Video Slot review!

When a gang of nut seeking squirrels attack your screen, don’t be alarmed. These sweet little critters are only here to entertain you with their animated antics, and deliver rewards from under that old Oak tree at the bottom of the garden. The leader of this group, the Nutty Squirrel will only appear on reels one and five, but as they substitute for all symbols other than the Scattered Golden Acorn, they will double your payline bet every time. The sight of three or more scattered Golden Acorns will reward you with up to fifteen free spins and doubles all wins,this feature may also be retriggered during the feature.

Where can I play Nutty Squirrel Video Slot?

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Nutty Squirrel Video Slot

Background to the Nutty Squirrel video slot

Graceful and extremely acrobatic, one of the more familiar yet fascinating tree squirrels in North America is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. These squirrels belong to the order Rodentia of the class Mammalia. Rodentia is the largest order of mammals in the world and accounts for over 1600 species. The word Rodent is derived from Latin, Rodere which means “to gnaw”. Squirrels are seasonal breeders, and are genetically timed to breed and reproduce to coincide with the buds and flowering of indigenous trees .Two peaks in breeding occur resulting in spring and fall litters. Litter size ranges from 1-8, with an average of 2-3. Weather and food supply are two strong factors that affect their breeding behavior.

Nutty Squirrel Fact file

5 Reels
20 Paylines
0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.50
1 – 20
5000 x 20 coins per line x 2 (substitute) = 200,000 coins in base game
5000 x 20 coins per line x 2 (substitute) = 200,000 x 2 multiplier = 400,000 in free spin feature

The payscreen

Nutty Squirrel Payscreen

5000 times 20 coins per line
1500 times 20 coins per line
500 times 20 coins per line
500 times 20 coins per line
250 times 20 coins per line
200 times 20 coins per line
125 times 20 coins per line
100 times 20 coins per line

A colorful rendition of fantasy packed with a load of great entertainment for the young and old alike.

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