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The Moonshine Video Slot review!

Many years ago, and pretty much by trial and error, Moonshine was bone. We are not talking about the bright sky by night, we are talking about bootleggers who were not able to afford Whisky, and so developed a new high octane fuel that was so pure in alcohol, you could start your car with it. As illegal as Moon Shine is even today, it is still made in back yards and garages, and the dangers of this clear, mind bending substance are no different. However, playing this video slot game with its many features , which is brought to you by Microgaming, will not only give you hours of fun in the comfort of your own home, it may well increase your bank balance.

Where can I play Moonshine Video Slot?

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You can play Moonshine Video Slot at any of our Choice Microgaming Casinos

Moonshine Video Slot

You want to see the light of the moon, then you will need three or more Bonus bottles on an active line to start the feature which comes to you in a new screen. Choose your moon blocks and see ho many spins and multipliers you have been awarded and start spinning. This is not a place of Wine and Roses, so expect the Sheriff to keep making his appearance as he scatters around your screen. If you a lucky, he will bring along is fellow Sheriff friend and together they will add to your payline bet. With all the noise, fun and laughter, granny cannot sleep so she sits in her rocker and whenever she need to she will substitute for all symbols other than the Bonus and scatter symbol.

Moonshine Factfile

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50; 1.00
1 to 5
40 000 Coins
40 000 coins for 5 Wild wild symbols (8 000 x 5) Grow this to 160 000 coins if you hit this during free spin play with up to 4 times multiplier
Yes – Selection screen and free spins with multiplier

Moonshine Payscreen

Moonshine Payscreen 2

The payscreen

8000 times 5 coins
60 times 5 coins
500 times 5 coins
400 times 5 coins
200 times 5 coins
100 times 5 coins
90 times 5 coins
80 times 5 coins
60 times 5 coins
50 times 5 coins
40 times 5 coins

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