Mardi Gras Slot for Beginners by Microgaming

Slot Review – Mardi Gras Slot

All the streets cordoned off, people are bustling up and down the pavements to find their particular spot as they wait, and soon they will catch sight of the Mardi Gras as it makes its way from one side of town to the next. The scene is one filled with bright coloured floats, decked with Carnival Masked Players as they acknowledge the Audience as they pass by. This great “Golden Oldie” 3 reel by one payline Video Slot is brought to you by Microgaming.

Where can I play Mardi Gras Slot?

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Mardi Gras

Each Coin played activates its winning combination, and the highest payline wager will yield the “Jackpot” of 4,000 coins, on the condition that you play three coins. Get into the carnival mood and join us in the Mardi Gras Party of 7″s festivities, opportunities like this come around but once a year. This is what is known as a “Buy a Pay” machine. The first two coins only active the first two pay screen values but the 3rd coins buy you access to the 777’s pay screen and the “Big” payouts. Maximum coins is a must here.

Mardi Gras Slot Game details

0.25; 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
4 000 Coins

Mardi Gras Payscreen

Mardi Gras Pay screen details

4000 payout for three coins
1000 payout for three coins
500 payout for three coins
90 payout for two coins
60 payout for two coins
30 payout for two coins
18 payout for two coins
Six payouts for two coins

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