The Isis Video Slot review!

Isis the great goddess for fertility and motherhood was know to the Greeks as Demeter, and to the Romans as Ceres. Her Latin epithet was Stella Maris, also known as the ‘Star of the Sea”. In the duality of our reality – she represents the feminine aspects of creation, intuition, psychic abilities, higher chakras, love and compassion. She is the Yin energies and mother nurturer. Isis, the Goddess of all mythological tales, and to other female icons in the myths of creation. She is in essence the essence of the feminine energy which is part of each and everyone of us. This 5 reel x 25 payline Video Slot game, both with mystical and magical powers will give you hours of great fun and entertainment as you travel back in time.

Where can I play Isis Video Slot?

Lucky Emporer Casino

You can play Isis Video Slot at any of our Choice Microgaming Casinos

Isis Video Slot

Three Vultures soaring across your screen will activate your free spin feature with rewards of up to 30 free spins which could well be re-triggered during the feature, adding a multiplier of up to 6 times your winning combination. All symbols are substituted by Isis except the scatter symbol, and your payline bet will be doubled. Should you wish to gamble, you could choose either Red or Black and be rewarded with double your winning combination, and choosing a particular suite of cards will award you quadruple your winning combination.

Isis Factfile

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25
1 to 20
100 000 Coins
100 000 coins for 5 wild symbols (10 000 x 10 coins). Grow this to 600 000 coins if you hit this during free spin play with up to a 6 times multiplier!
Yes – Free Spin Feature
Yes, either 2 times or 4 times using card suites or red and black (Until gamble limit has been reached)

Isis Payscreen

Isis Payscreen 2

The payscreen

10 000 times 10 coins (win up to 600 000 in free spin feature with 6 times multiplier)
600 times 10 coins
2000 times 10 coins
1750 times 20 coins
1500 times 10 coins
1250 times 10 coins
1000 times 10 coins
500 times 10 coins
250 times 10 coins
150 times 10 coins
100 times 10 coins
75 times 10 coins
50 times 10 coins

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