Golden Goose Winning Wizards

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Golden Goose Winning Wizards Video Slot review

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Video Slot is a wonderful Multi-Line game with a great new bonus feature. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines with a 10 coin per spin max bet.

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Golden Goose Winning Wizards Video Slot

And, now, for an additional 50 coin bet per spin, you can be eligible for the new Golden Goose Bonus Feature. The game offers a great Fantasy theme. It does not offer a Progressive Jackpot or a Gamble Feature. Golden Goose Winning Wizards does, however, have a Wild Symbol, a 2x Multiplier and a Scatter symbol, and it now offers 4 randomly triggered Bonus games. The Wild Symbol and the 2x Multiplier as well as the Jackpot Trigger is represented by the Wizard Symbol which will replace all symbols on the reels except the Scatters and will double all wins it creates. The Crystal Ball is the Scatter Symbol and will pay out according to the game’s Paytable. Finally, there are 4 random bonus games available including the Random Credits, a Pick X of Y game, the Money or the Egg game and the Pick a Card for a random multiplier game. The sizes for the game are One Cent, Two Cents, Five Cents, Ten Cents and Twenty Cents and the Jackpot for Golden Goose Winning Wizards is Ten Thousand Coins!

Fantasy plus the amusing Golden Goose
All skill levels
Winning Wizards
1 to 10 (plus 50 additional for bonus eligibility)
200 for Base Game, 250 for Base + bonus
10,000 Coins
4,000 Coins
Yes – Golden Goose Bonus

$0.01, $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ 0.20
10 coins x 20 lines = 200 for base game
10 coins x 20 lines + 50 coins = 250 for Golden Goose Bonus
(10 coins *20 Lines) + 50 total coins for Golden Goose Bonus = 250 for Golden Goose bonus
$0.20 * 250 Coins (includes Golden Goose Bonus) = $50.00
1 Line * 1 Coin * $0.01 = $0.01
($0.01 * 20 Lines * 10 coins) + 50 Coins = $2.50
10 000 Jackpot * 10 coins = 100, 000 coins
10 000 coins x 0.20 x 10coins per line = $20, 000.00

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Video Slot from Microgaming
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