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The Dolphin Tale Video Slot review!

Put your sonar system in place and follow the Dolphin Tale into the depths of our blue oceans. Among some of the most awesome colorful critters of the sea you will be ushered into a screen of decisions when three or more giant clams gather together on your screen, putting you face to face with five unusual sea urchins who have on offer anything from five to twenty five free spins with random multipliers. Any Dolphin that plays around your screen will substitute for all the cute symbols other than the scatter, and has as a backup, a second Wild symbol substitute in play on reels two, three and four during the awesome spin feature.

Where can I play Dolphin Tale Video Slot?

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Dolphin Tale Video Slot

Background to the Dolphin Tale video slot

Dolphins have a body adapted for fast swimming. the head contains a round organ used for echolocation. In many species, the jaws are elongated, forming a distinct beak, and for some species like the Bottlenose, there is a curved mouth that looks like a fixed smile. Their teeth can be very numerous (up to 250) in several species, and the brain is large and has a highly structured cortex, which often is referred to in discussions about their high intelligence. Dolphins, along with whales and porpoises, are thought to be descendants of land-living mammals, more likely that of the Artiodactyl. Modern dolphin skeletons have two small rod shaped pelvic bones thought to be left-over hind legs. They entered the water roughly 50 million years ago.

The Free Spins Screen

Dolphin Tale Free Spins Screen

Dolphin Tale Fact file

Undersea Adventure
5 Reels
40 Paylines
0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.25
1 – 5
15 000
3 000 x 5 coins per line = 15 000 coins in base game
3 000 x 5 coins per line x 20 (multiplier) = 300 000 coins in Free Spin Game
Yes (Free spin selection)

Dolphin Tale Payscreen 1

Dolphin Tale Payscreen 2

Dolphin Tale Paylines

3000 times 5 coins per line
1000 times 5 coins per line
500 times 5 coins per line
300 times 5 coins per line
200 times 5 coins per line
150 times 5 coins per line
100 times 5 coins per line
80 times 5 coins per line
70 times 5 coins per line
60 times 5 coins per line
50 times 5 coins per line
50 times 5 coins per line
40 times 5 coins per line

Dolphin Tale Payscreen 3

Dolphin Tale Summary

If you have the time, this is certainly the game! Dolphin Tale is a story tale in its own right that will keep you entertained in total pleasure.

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