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The Chocolate Factory Video Slot review!

Chocolate Factory offers the sweetest treats any side of the Equator. Any three or more Random Bonus symbols brings on the Bon Bon Bonus, where you could pick up to seven out of the ten Chocolate delights on display. A second bonus is activated with three or more Chocolate Vats, and here you get to choose any one of the wonderful sugar delights to be dunked into the full milk Chocolate for that extra sweet taste. To keep this Chocolate Factory in top shape, the Chocolate Doctor will make his rounds and substitute for all candy delights while the scatter icing decorator multiplies your winning combination when joined by one or more helpers.

Where can I play Chocolate Factory Video Slot?

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Chocolate Factory Video Slot

Background to the Chocolate Factory video slot

Cacao trees are grown all around the World, and is normally grown in the tropics. The fruit from the Cacao tree is melon-like, and is normally harvested by hand. Each pod produces about +- 30 seeds “cocoa beans”. It is these beans that give chocolate their unique flavor after they have been through the drying, roasting and blending processes needed to extract the cocoa and cocoa butter. The entire processing from picking to extracting takes approximately one week, and thereafter the process of actually making the chocolate starts.

Chocolate Factory Fact file

Chocolate Factory
5 Reels
9 Paylines
0,01; 0,02; 0.05; 0,10; 0,25; 0,50; 1,00
1 to 5
8000 coins x 5 coins per line = 40,000 coins in base game.
500 coins x 5 coins per line = 2500 coins in Bonus Game 1
875 coins x 5 coins per line = 4375 coins in Bonus Game 2
40,000 coins
Chocolate Doctor
Icing Decorator
Two – Bon Bon Bonus and Dunk a Treat Bonus

Chocolate Factory Payscreen 1

Chocolate Factory Paylines

8000 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
14 to 4375 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 to 2500 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
200 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
500 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
500 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
250 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
200 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
150 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
150 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 for 5 symbols x 1 coin

Chocolate Factory Summary

Chocolate Factory is a 5 reel x 9 payline Video Slot featuring 2 different Bonus games as well as a Wild and Scatter symbol.

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