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Cashville Video Slot review

Cashville Slots is a new game from Microgaming Software. This great new game offers Five Reels and Twenty Paylines with a 10 coin per line or 200 coin per spin max bet.

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Cashville Video Slot

It has the theme of Money and the Lifestyle of those who have it, and the game plays very well off of this theme. Cashville Slots offers a Wild and Scatter Symbol, 4 Bonus Features and a Gamble Feature. The symbols used in the game include Bill Bullion, Betty Boodle, Sir Sterling, and Dame Von Deeds (the billionaires) as well as various stacks of money that correspond to each billionaire, the Dollar Sign, the W sign (which also acts as the Wild symbol and the Jackpot Trigger) and the Bonus Trigger. It is important to note that the Wild Symbol only replaces the various stacks of money to complete winning combinations. The coin sizes offered for the game include One Cent, Two Cents, Five Cents, Ten cents, and Twenty Cents.

Money/Rich Lifestyle
Beginner to Intermediate
1 to 10
50,000 coins
10,000 coins
Yes – 4 Bonus Rounds

$0.01, $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ 0.20
20 lines x 10 coins = 200 coins
$0.20 x 10 coins x 20 lines = $40.00
$0.01 x 1 coin x 1 line = $0.01
$0.02 x 10 coins x 20 lines = $4.00
50 000 x 10 Coins = 500 000 Coins
50 000 coins x 0.02 x 10 coins = $10 000.00

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