Celebrities and Gambling

Celebrities and Gambling: The Love of Spending Big – It’s no secret that many celebrities love to gamble and those that do love to spend big, some even millions of dollars in a single night! If anyone has the funds it’s them.

However they’re just as likely to become addicted as anyone else, and many have lost their fortunes and even entered rehab. Others manage to keep their hobby at a manageable level, but still spend sums of money a lot of us will never even see.

Celebrities that lost at Gambling

Basketball legend Michael Jordan once gambled away $1 million in a single night in Las Vegas. In 2006, Charlie Sheen allegedly blew nearly $200,000 a week in his favourite casinos. Tiger Woods lost a total of $58.5 million to gambling over a 7-year period. And Charles Barkley’s gambling problem caused him to lose over $10 million.

Even Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon’s marriage was the result of a big gambling loss. The Baywatch star lost $250,000 to him in a poker game, and after he generously let her off they became an item.

Then there are the celebrities who win big and never seem to hit rock bottom. Don Johnson, for instance, won nearly $6 million in a single night playing blackjack in Atlantic City. Jean Robert Bellande accumulated more than $1,100,000 in his life by playing poker at a professional standard.