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Pollen Nation Video Slot from microgaming review

A wonderful and vey buzzy game of fun as you sit back, relax and watch the QUEEN BEE (wild) get her hive into action. She has some mouth watering hive made eats to offer as well as some working wax for the BUZZY BEE.

See the wonderful and very BUZZY graphical game of fun as Queeen Bee gets her BEE’S into action bulding her new POLLEN NATION from scratch. To keep the credits rolling Queen Bee will step in to help on a line where needed. This Pollen Nation will also be kept on the buzz with the scattered Disco Dancing Bee who appear on your screen to multiply your winnings while you play anything from 1 – 10 coins over the 5 reels x 25 liner game.

Where can I play Pollen Nation Video Slot?

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Pollen Nation Video Slot

The higher the stake played the better the payout. Playing maximum credits could mean winning up to 30,000 credits with a further 16,000 credits when the BABEE BEE feature is activated by the scattered Babee Bee’s. In this feature you will have the opportunity of selecting your own cells with hidden credits. The feature will end when you select the stop cell, and your bonus is paid out, you will be helping to fill Babee Bee’s bottle.

So why not log in and keep yourself BUZZY in this HIVE of action and add your time and skills to the building of this POLLEN NATION.

Pollen Nation Facts

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50
1 to 10
60 000 Coins (5 Queen Bees)
Normal Game: 60 000 coins
Bonus Game: 32250 x 0.50 = 16 125.00
Yes (Pick honeycombs until you pick the stop sign)

Pollen Nation Payscreen

The payscreen

6000 times 10 coins
3, 4, or 5 Symbols triggers the bonus
80 times 250 coins
1000 times 10 coins
800 times 10 coins
600 times 10 coins
from 50 to 200 times 10 coins

Pollen Nation Video Slot from microgaming
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