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Munchkins Video Slot review

Munchkins Slots is a brand new Microgaming Online Slot Machine. It offers Five Reels and Fifteen Paylines with a 10 coin per line or a 150 coin per spin max bet.

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Munchkins Video Slot

The theme of Munchkins Slots plays off of the notion of those harmless little critters that live otherwise quiet lives in our homes, but are responsible for missing keys, socks and homework. You can always tell they have been there by the little bites taken out of homework or wallets. The symbols used in the game include Homework, Keys, Wallets, Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks , Tens, Scatter Cookies and the Wild Capsules. This new game offers Scatter Cookies, which, when 3 or more are scattered on the reels, also triggers the 20 Free Spins round where all wins are doubled. The Jackpot Trigger for the game is the Wild Capsule. In addition to completing any win in which it is involved, when you hit five of these capsules, you will win the 15,000 coin Jackpot! The game also offers a great gamble feature that works similarly to the other Microgaming Gamble features. The coin sizes available for this new game are One Cent, Two Cents, Five Cents, Ten cents, Twenty Cents, Twenty Five Cents and Fifty Cents.

Beginner to Intermediate
Ho Ho Ho
1 to 10
15,000 Coins
1,000 Coins
Yes – Free Spins

$0.01,$ 0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50
15 lines x 10 coins = 150 Coins
15 lines x 10 coins = 150 Coins
$0.50 x 10coins x 15 lines = $75.00
$0.01 x 1coin x 1 line =$ 0.01
15 lines x 10 coins x $0.01 = $1.50
15 000 x 10 coins = 150 000 coins
150 000 x 2X Multiplier = 300,000 coins
15 000 x 0.50 x 10 coins = $75,000.00
75 000.00 x 2X Multiplier = $150,000.00

Munchkins Video Slot from Microgaming Slots
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