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Loaded Video Slot from microgaming review

Join these eccentric avant-garde folks and get Loaded with some of your own cash. What would take a lifetime of earning in the real world, could be yours with just a spin of the reel in the world where dreams are made of, and all this from the comfort of your own home. The foxy ladies are ready to tempt you with choices you did not know existed. Triple 7 is a man of many talents, he will drive you around in the Limo, pilot the yacht where ever you wish to go, and be your host in the mansion and much more!

Where can I play Loaded Video Slot?

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Loaded Video Slot

This African American hip hop video game is Loaded with money spinning bonuses that will keep your head spinning. Triple 7 is a cool dude, he is wild and subsitutes for all except the scatter. The bling, bling ring will scatter and shatter all your hopes of going back to a normal life, because it will open your screen to a window of 3 hot honeys, waiting to offer you 3 choices of spins – each with their own multiplying value. Guess What? thats not all, once you have all your stash, you can have a little dabble and double or quadruple with the gamble feature. This is a 5 reel x 25 line slot allowing a maximum wager of 20 coins per line.

Loaded Facts

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25
1 to 20
140 000 Coins (5 Triple 7’s)
140 000 coins for 5 Triple 7 wild symbols (7000 x 20 coins). Quadruple this to 560 000 coins if you hit this during free spin play with the 4 times multiplier!
Yes (Free Spins)
Yes, either 2 times or 4 times using card suites

Loaded Payscreen

The payscreen

7000 times 20 coins
100 times 20 coins PLUS free spins
800 times 20 coins
200 times 20 coins
100 times 20 coins
80 times 20 coins
60 times 20 coins
50 times 20 coins
40 times 20 coins
30 times 20 coins

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