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Slot Review – Bulls Eye Slots

Darts. Normally a very social game played by two or more competitors. A game played with a steady hand, concentration and precision. Today we bring to you a darts game with a difference. Microgaming have had a game developed for those wishing to play alone, as well as for those who wish to share the experience with others, a bonus slot game called Bulls Eye. This is a 3 reel slot game x 1 payline. The minimum wager for this game is 1 coin and the maximum wager is 3 coins. In order for the feature to be activated, you must however play maximum stakes.

Where can I play Bulls Eye Bonus Slot?

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Bulls Eye Bonus Slot

Your local darts player substitutes for all symbols on the payline, other than the Bonus boad, and doubles your payline bet. Should 2 darts players land on your payline, your payline win will be quadrupled. Three darts players on a line, you should be jumping for joy, as this will pay out the maximum jackpot value of 6,000 coins. This however is calculated on your playing maximum bets. The Bonus Round feature is activated with a single board appearing on the third reel. A second screen follows with a Wheel of Fortune type money wheel. You activate the spin of the wheel, and where ever it stops is the value you receive in that bonus round. Your bonus will then be added to your payline win.

Bulls Eye Game details

5 000 Coins
1 000 coins – The Wheel of Fortune (aka Wheel of Wealth) has payouts from 20 to 1000 coins
Yes (Wheel of Fortune type screen aka Wheel of Wealth)

Bulls Eye Payscreen

Bulls Eye Payscreen details

5000 payout for 3 coins
3rd payline. Bonus round trigger. Maximum payout is 1000 coins
240 payout for 3 coins
120 payout for 3 coins
30 payout for 3 coins
18 payout for 3 coins
12 payout for 3 coins
6 payout for 3 coins
3 payout for 3 coins

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