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The Twin Samurai Video Slot review!

Twin Samurai in all its simplicity offers you two exciting features. Playing from left to right, any three Geisha's will activate your Ten free spins where all winning combinations will be doubled. The free spin feature cannot be re-triggered during the feature. The Twin Samurai wild symbol which can only be found on reels number Two and/or Four, expands and covers all three positions, thus allowing greater possibilities when substituting for all symbols other than the scatter Geisha.

Where can I play Twin Samurai Video Slot?

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Background to the Twin Samurai video slot

Twin Samurai Video Slot

Katana (samurai) is the word for "sword" in the Japanese language. It is also used specifically for a type of Japanese backsword or longsword in use after the 1400s, and was a curved, single-edged sword traditionally used by the samurai. Pronounced [kah-tah-nah] in the kun'yomi (Japanese reading) of the kanji , the word has been adopted as a loan word by the English language, as Japanese does not have separate plural and singular forms, both "katanas" and "katana" are considered acceptable plural forms in English.

Twin Samurai slot facts

5 Reels
20 Paylines
0,01; 0,02; 0.05; 0,10; 0,20; 0,25
5,000 coins x 20 coins per line = 100,000 coins in base game.
5,000 coins x 20 coins per line x 2 Multiplier = 200,000 coins in Free Spin
Twin Samurai
Yes, Geisha's on the first 3 reels

Twin Samurai Payscreen 1

Twin Samurai slot paylines

5000 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
1000 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
500 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
500 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
250 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
250 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
150 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
150 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 for 5 symbols x 1 coin
100 for 5 symbols x 1 coin

Twin Samurai slot summary

Twin Samurai is a 5 reel x 20 payline video slot that is rich in features. With the unique and novel expanding Wild that appears on reels 2 and 4, and a generous scatter Geisha that provides a Free Spin action which multiplies your winnings, you the player will always have the edge.

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